The Science

Sanotize Nasal Spray is a patented formulation that wins approval as early treatment option of Covid-19 and Covid Prevention in the future.

India Corporation Glenmark and its Canadian partners Sanotize Research announces the release of Fabispray (Nitric Oxide Spray) for the treatment of adult patients at high risk for SARs or Cov-2.  Sanotize Research and Development, Vancouver, Canada is a rapidly growing pharmaceutical company and are pioneers in nitric oxzide technology and therapeutic research. Phase III clinical trials demonstrated a 99% reduction of the viral load in just 48 hours.


  • Sanitize the Nose – not just the hands
  • Nasal Therapeutics – is designed to kill the virus that causes Covid-19
  • Prevents Transmission of Virus to others
  • Designed to kill SARs – Cov-2 , the virus that cause Covid-19.
  • Prevents virus from incubating
  • Treats adult patients at high risk of progression of the disease
  • Effective and Safe anti-viral treatment with proven anti-microbial properties
  • Boosts Immunity

Protects individuals from the virus entering the body through the upper nasal passages and prevents the virus from reaching the lungs.



NONS (Nitric Oxide Nasal Spray)

$49.00 per unit

$44.99 per unit

$42.80 per unit


Call toll free 1-888-355-8030 to order and speak to a customer service rep. Customers outside the USA can contact us to complete a wire through either or

NONS is safe and well tolerated by adult patients. No patients in the study experienced moderate, serious, or severe adverse reactions.

How it works

The spray was developed to sanitize the nose. It is designed to attack the Covid-Sars virus in the upper airways, stopping the virus from reaching the lungs by providing a physical and chemical barrier. Once sprayed in the nose, a small amount of nitric oxide is released, stopping the incubation of the virus, also preventing the spread of the virus, since the nitric oxide has trapped the pathogens and will not allow for their release. After completing Phase 3 trials, the spray demonstrated a 99% reduction in the viral load in 48 hours.

How to Use

For Mildly infected individuals: spray 2 sprays in each nostril 6 times a day for 7 days.
For Prevention: Spray 2 sprays in each nostril daily or before entering high-risk places or activities.
1 Bottle will last 1 month.

Provides an additional layer of protection for individuals in high risk situations including

Designed to kill 99% of the Covid virus and other pathogens in 48 hours.

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