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Covid-Spray.com is an online natural health retailer delivering premium quality health products at competitive prices. The company is Internet-based with fulfillment from various countries and is a subsidiary of Discount Global Investments Inc. Our head office is in Belize.  The rapid growth of the business has been accomplished by selecting a high-caliber team of experienced IT, consultants, programmers, and international legal counsel to develop software and systems to allow for the efficient and safe transfer of your data and our products.

Covid-Spray aka Discount Global Investment Inc. is an international company with experience and respect for our customers. We have ties with several countries all over the world to provide access to quality medications to people in all areas of the Globe. Our goal is to provide you with fast, reliable, discreet and safe delivery of the products you order from us.



NONS (Nitric Oxide Nasal Spray)

$49.00 per unit

$44.99 per unit

$42.80 per unit


Call toll free 1-888-355-8030 to order and speak to a customer service rep. Customers outside the USA can contact us to complete a wire through either Revolut.com or Wise.com

NONS is safe and well tolerated by adult patients. No patients in the study experienced moderate, serious, or severe adverse reactions.

Designed to kill 99% of the Covid virus and other pathogens in 48 hours.

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