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Covid-Spray.com is the online retail store that allows customers to browse through products and make selections and purchases from Covid-Spray.com. Consumers who wish to browse or purchase products from Covid-Spray.com agree and are subject to the acceptance of these terms and conditions.


Liability and Disclaimer

Our best efforts have been taken to ensure the information on Covid-Spray.com is correct. However, Covid-Spray.com cannot guarantee the accuracy, authenticity or comprehensiveness of the products displayed on the Site. All products are presented on an “as-is” basis. To the maximum legal extent, Covid-Spray.com including employees, contractors, directors, shareholders, partners, affiliates and other third parties associate with Covid-Spray.com disclaims all liability and responsibility for damages and losses that may be suffered by you or a third party in regards to the Site, or products sold on Covid-Spray.com. This includes, without limitation, damages or losses sustained due to negligence. Always consult a medical professional before ordering prescription medications.


Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy states how Covid-Spray.com uses, stores, and shares personal information that may be collected,.


By visiting www.covid-Spray.com from a mobile device, tablet or desktop computer, you consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy.




Covid-Spray.com (and our service providers, as described below) may collect and use your personal information for the following purposes:

  1. To fulfill your online order, to communicate with you about your order and to provide customer service regarding your purchase.
  2. To help provide both a pleasant, unique and efficient shipping experience based on your needs, and preferences.
  3. To notify you of specific products, promotions and services that are relevant to you.
  4. To assist in making our marketing efforts more efficient.
  5. To improve the content, design and vendor selection of our Site.
  6. To manage and audit the usage ad performance of the Site and our systems.

Personal Information

When you set up an account with Covid-Spray.com you’re required to provide us with correct personal information. Providing false details or another person’s details is not acceptable. Providing false information is considered a violation to our Site’s terms and conditions.
When your personal information is collected by Covid-Spray.com, it will not be disclosed to any third party unrelated to Covid-Spray.com, unless required or authorized by law, or if you’ve personally given content to such a disclosure. Otherwise, Covid-Spray.com commits to its Privacy Policy.

Orders and Payments

When payment information is collected for a cheque 22, your banking information is stored securely. Once a customer has approved a cheque, the cheque will be made out to:

Sunrise Connex Ltd.

Your billing information that is stored in your account will not be visible to any customer services reps. Providing payment information to Sunrise Connex Ltd. means that you agree to your purchase of the selected product.

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